Spiritual Spinal Act of Power Wand Set


The Spiritual Spinal Act of Power Wand Set was specifically and lovingly designed for the LaStone Therapy folks. It is a full Medicine Chest for all that ails and all that supports you.

These Wands can be inserted into the handle of the Deva's Gift Hand Held Singing Crystal Bowl or any other hollow handled, hand held singing crystal bowl. They can also be held by the client with or with out the addition of a crystal bowl sound healing session. 

Cases are made with organic cotton and each set of wands is individually hand crafted in New Mexico.  You can expect delivery within 2 - 4 weeks.

This set will arrive in an organic fabric, hand-dyed, locally hand-sewn, beloved carry bag

Please note that shipping is included in this price.

This set of Healing gemstones and wands includes the following.

1 set Crystal Grounding Stones (11 in a set)

1 pair Spiral Spinal Wands

1 pair Wands of Presence