Nesting Seven Chakra Set of Medium Size Frosted Singing Crystal Bowls


Seven Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Nesting

Generally includes the follow bowls, although Notes may change according to availability:

        12" A 3rd Eye Chakra

        14" B Crown Chakra

        11" C Root Chakra

        10" D Sacral Chakra 

        13" E Solar Plexus

        9" F Heart Chakra

        8"  G Throat Chakra

This set can be nested in two stacks for easy transport. 

You'll want to keep in mind if you intend to nest your bowls, for travel and storage as well as how large or small in size you'll want your set to be. If you're intending to play your bowls with other musicians or musical instruments, it may be important for you to have a set that is perfect pitch or true tone. Otherwise, this makes little difference as long as your set is harmonically tuned.

Tunings for singing crystal bowl sets are based on the 440 hertz scale. Sets and tuning are also available in The Pythagorean Tuning  or the 432 hz scale as well as based on the Soffegio frequencies or the 396 hz scale.

As the tones of the singing crystal bowls will naturally morph and sift to meet immediate healing needs, we don't feel as one particular scale is any different that the other and that the 440 scale is perfectly fine! Whereas with any other musical instrument which was not made of crystal, the particular scale would be important.

When you order a 7 chakra set the smallest, or least expensive singing crystal bowl is Free. Seven Suede covered mallets and O-rings are included.

Frosted, Clear, Handheld and Specialty bowls can all be mixed and matched to create a harmonically tuned set.

$195.00 Shipping and handling is included in this price.

Please feel free to call with questions or to check availability.