Kaliski Optically Clear Hand Held Singing Crystal Bowls - 5.75" diameter


The Optically Clear Kaliski Crystal Hand Held Crystal Bowls are lightweight, beautiful to look at and have a wonderfully long resonance. The handle of these bowls comes filled with the tumbled colored gemstones to match the note of the bowl.  Very affordable, the hollow handle also allows you to insert your own combinations of energetic materials or use as a handy place to keep your suede wand.

As with the frosted and clear bowls, when you play these bowls, the smaller the bowl’s diameter, the higher the octave will be. 

 The notes of these hand-held singing crystal bowls have a direct correspondence to the chakras as well as to color. Hand-helds, which are 5” in diameter or smaller, all will work on the energy centers above the crown chakra. On occasion, I run into a singing bowl which is maverick and plays a higher or lower octave than usual, however, in general the 6” hand held singing bowls will play at the middle C octave range and will play the same note as a 10” frosted crystal bowl. The 7” hand held bowls will play the same octave as a 12” frosted bowl and the 8” frosted play at same octave as a 14” frosted singing crystal bowl.

The crystal handles on all these bowls make them very easy to hold and play. It powerfully moves sound around the room as you move. Resonance from this bowl continues long after the mallet leaves the rim of the bowl and they seem to resonate much longer that bowls, which aren’t hand, held. These are truly precision healing tools. A suede-covered mallet is included with purchase. Selection varies so please call to confirm that the note you want to buy is in stock. Carrying cases for the hand-held singing bowls are sold separately.

These Bowls work especially well for body workers, energy practitioners, for deep meditation and personal healing.

Be sure to see the Hand Held Singing Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases to keep your bowl safe when you travel.

·         A $25 shipping charge is included in the cost of the hand held bowls.

  • We are listing all the notes that this 5 3/4" bowl comes in, however inventory varies and we can not guarantee that the note you want is available in the size you want. Please call with any questions or to check availability.
  • They are also available in Gold - Contact Elivia for note and size availability as well as current price
  • Utube video of the Gold Hand Held Kaliski Singing Crystal Bowl