Journey To Wholeness - Singing Crystal Bowls for Healing and Wholeness CD


New Age listeners will fall in love with this unique meditative music created for healing and wholeness, from the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Starting with a 14 minute Chakra alignment, four more tracks follow of innovative and extraordinary, inspired songs. This music will entrance you and transport you to transcendent realms of peace, beauty and harmony. Worlds of experience will open up, as you float on crystalline waves to places of inner connection and balance. The rich bell-like and low soothing tones were all recorded live with over 20 singing crystal bowls, flutes, chimes and world percussion.. This entrancing collection of songs births an entirely new musical art form all it's own. The exquisitely rich songs are the epitome of Crystal Bowl sound healing. This music will align and balance the chakras - Simply by listening! A perfect compliment to massage and alternative healing therapies as well as being wonderful for stress relief. Play it as low accompaniment, to create harmony in your environment or sit back and relax into deeper meditation and illumination as you are attuned to new higher vibrational frequencies.

The soothing qualities of this superbly recorded album are perfect for stress relief, relaxaton, meditation, and healing on all levels as well as for those who just love beautiful music. This sonic crystal energy transmission is the perfect remedy for everything that supports your path to joy, peace and awareness. It's healing properties work on all levels so it harmonizes and balances, children as well as adults, environments and even animamls.

Elivia Melodey and Gaye Unverferth are the core group of the Crystal Vibrations. They first came together in 1999 at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association in Southern California. With no formal musical training, they say that they are foremost, sound healers and musicians guided by a higher source. The heavenly music, which flows through them, is surely inspired by Celestial realms. These two gifted women have a mission for world healing through their unique new musical form. This new independent group tours throughout the country, performing and giving sound healing workshops on their growing collection of quartz crystal singing bowls and many other musical instruments. They are one of the very few, singing crystal bowl ensembles in the world.
Journey to Wholesness is an entrancing collection of songs inspired by the quartz crystal singing bowls. Experience a 14 minute chakra alignment and four additional tracks containing innovative and extraordinary, inspired songs.

The rich bell-like and low soothing tones were all recorded live with out vocals. Over 20 singing crystal bowls, flutes and percussion instruments formed the ensemble used on this CD. Creating a new musical art form, these exquisitely rich songs are the epitome of crystal bowl sound healing. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, illumination and healing.

Listen Now (60 Second Samples):
Chakra Alignment MP3
Colloquium MP3
Gaia Gardens MP3
Higher Joys MP3
Journey to Wholeness MP3

Musicians: Elivia Melodey & Gaye Unverferth
Total playing time: 69 minutes

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