11" Frosted Singing Crystal Bowl, shipping included


Frosted Singing Crystal Bowls range in size from 7 to 24 inches and are sturdy, durable and economical. Their expansive sound wave literally baths the entire room with healing frequencies. They are classics for instant stress relief and inner peace! Used for professional or personal practices, they are great for group meditations, healing, rituals and musical accompaniment. They are used world wide by chiropractors, energy workers, integrative healing professionals, massage and body work practitioners, medical doctors, meditation teachers, ministers, musicians, psychologists, Reiki practitioners, singers, sound therapists, voice coaches, and yoga teachers.

Frosted Singing Crystal Bowls necessarily produce larger sound waves than clear bowls, by virtue of their size. The notes of these chakra tuned frosted crystal bowls have a direct correspondence to the chakras as well as to color.

The Frosted bowls all come with an O-ring and playing mallet. Bowls 14" and smaller will come with suede covered mallets, while bowls 16" and larger will come with the rubber ball with wood handle mallet - unless otherwise specified.

Be sure to see the Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases to keep your bowl safe when you travel.

  •    A $25 shipping charge is included in the cost of this frosted crystal singing bowl. 
  • Let us know if you are looking for Perfect Pitch bowls and we'll do our best to locate them! There is a $25 charge for each Perfect Pitch bowl.
  • Interested in Pythagorean or Soffegio Tuning? Let us know and we'll be sure to let you know what's available. There is a $35 charge for these tunings.
  • We are listing all the notes that this 11" bowl comes in, however inventory varies and we can not guarantee that the note you want is available in the size you want. Please call with any questions or to check availability.